Five Stocks Only Profit!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Five Stocks to buy!

Let's Talk about the Indian Share market and about the World market what different? Nothing it Goes all down as they can go. Bearish market tackling the Bull and make there paws upon the Income and it gets damaged. So, here we talk about the Indian stock market that to invest in this Pandemic! Read to Know about Finacial Brick-Break in COVID-19.

What to Choose? and what not to choose? It is hard for all of us. Therefore, Kit4future becomes here seekers to seek out the best companies to invest in!

Our motive is to give a knowledge that gives you clarify that in our View which gains the Profit in the future and our motive is to find Five Stocks in the Bearish market only profit!

1. Jk Agri Genetics- (JKAL) is a company that deals in Seed Industry Carry Out to Serve farming Community.

It also deals with research and Development, Production, Processing, and Marketing of Cotton, Maize, Paddy, and Other vegetable seed.

What makes Jk Agri Genetics add in our Watchlist?

JkAl is listed on BSE and it makes the position in our watchlist the 52 Week profit of 920.00. 500 More than its current Price as you are the Professional investor you Know what it Sounds!

Jk agri Genetic High and low.
"Therefore, As you seen in the Monday JK Agri Genetic open at price of Rs.407.00 and get the low of Rs.399.95 to take the high of Rs.419.95 and Close at Rs.409.15. It seems some Bullish but when tornado comes it makes some silence then attack all the houses and land. Then another day it's also open at Rs.419.95 and get the low of Rs.385.00 but it makes high on that price in which it open and close at Rs.390.40. This time Bear hit from it Paws to Bull to defeat. From Wednesday it's Open at the Rs.399.95 and get the high of the Rs.416.80 in friday and finds it low Rs.385.00 in thursday to get Rs.400.00 low."
Jk agri genetic Candelstick
"As you saw the effect of Bear that goes after the bullish candlestick the prices goes down by down because seller in the field and they find the opportunity in the bullish market. The sellers compete with the buyers to sell at high but the Buyers don't want sellers to buy at high. This scenario is good for the market condition that prices are going down and buyers like the prices to get down and want to make high profits. As you know what I said 52 week is giving you the 500 Points high more Bearish market it becomes cheaper to take its Volume at higher rate."

2. BOSCH- (BOSCHLTD) is a company that deals with auto component manufacturing companies. It serves in three business sectors. Auto technology, Industrial technology, and consumer goods and building technology. The Manufacture and trade products are as diverse as diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems, automotive aftermarket products, auto electricals, Special Purpose machines, Packaging machines, Electrical Power tools, and security systems.

On May 22, 2017, BOSCH limited broke ground at the bidadi manufacturing unit for the development of the second phase. Mid of 2019, the second phase of Bidadi will have the capacity to accommodate around 2,500 associated.

BOSCH states that its 52 week Profit goes 18,073.90. Right now the bullish market gets over the bull to down the trend day by day!

BOSCH Ltd. High and Low!
"So, as we View the table of the High, Low, Close and Open in this we view this on Monday BOSCH Prices open at Rs.10,399 but it does not go so high and find the low of Rs.9,900 and close at RS.9,926.65. The bear in its jungle and bull do not want to cross its fields. But at the Tuesday the prices open at Rs.10,917 and gets high of Rs.10,197 it seems bull cross it fields but the fear of bear they come there fields and get stable from low of Rs.9,855 and close at the 9,905.00. From the wednesday to Friday bulls found there guts to move at high 10,300 also fear in the mind of bear they not get too high and find there low Rs.9,747.70 and close at Rs.9,750.00."
BOSCH LTD. Candlestick Pattern
"As you see the Candlestick pattern of the BOSCH Ltd. we see the bearish trend that goes down by down. In this, it also reflects the reversal signal of a shooting star that shows how much the bear afraid of the bull but it never stops battle with them. The sellers make the new low by want to sell at high but our bears always buy at the low. How much it goes low that much volume you buy of this stock to make your profit high."
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3. United Breweries- (UBL) is with innovation and driving marketing that is complemented by a strong administering network that surrounds an impressive spread of owned and contract manufacturing facilities across the country.

It's the Crown jewel brand 'Kingfisher' has achieved international recognition consistently, won much fame at international beer.

The Company has a mission statement to recognize the value of human assets and be the preferred employer wherever they operate.

In 2016, the kingfisher Buzz is launched and 2017, kingfisher storm launched. This Stock shares the 52-week profit of Rs.1483.55.

United Breweries High and Low!
"So, as right now we have the one week watchlist of United Breweries shows everything how bear beats the bull to its Paws. Talk about Monday the price open at Rs.975.00 and get the high of Rs.1008.15 it's looking good get the high of its opening price but when the bear comes in its field it drags down the bear from the low of Rs.950.85 and closes at the RS.969.75. On Tuesday the opening price is Rs.975.00 and gets high up to Rs.979.90 but don't forget the bear it also finds the low of Rs.898.75 this bull attack with its thrones and latest close at the Rs.908.35. From Wednesday to Friday it open at rs.902.00 and find the latest high on Thursday Rs.930.70 but bear paws make the bull defeat with the latest low on Friday and close at Rs.890.40."
United Breweries Candlestick Pattern!
"As you see the candlestick pattern of united Breweries that shows the bearish market defeating the bull market.You see in these patterns that sellers are active day by day and volume at the bottom of the candlestick are get high by high. The sellers trying to sell at the given prices because they fed off the real high and buyers know its the good time to buy at the low because they trade for long to take the high of these large volume able stock".

4. Blue Star- (BLUESTARCO) is India's leading air conditioning and Commerical refrigeration company, with annual revenue of over Rs. 5,200 Crores ($US 750Million) network of 32 offices, 5 modern manufacturing facilities, 2800 employees and 2,900 channel partners. The Company fulfills the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial as well as residential customers. Every Kind Commercial building in India has a blue star product installed. The business includes marketing and maintenance of imported professional electronics, and industrial products and systems, which is handled by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company called Blue-star Engineering & Electronics Ltd. Blue-Star Cooling systems also operate in the underground station of Bangalore and Delhi metro. This stock shares the 52 weeks high of Rs.887.00.

Blue Star High and Low!
"As you see the Chart of the prices From high to low and open to Close. The blue star is the air conditioning but in this pandemic, the summer is too hot but the pandemic makes it too hot. Don't go to the situation. Let's talk about the prices as you see them on Monday the Price open at Rs.525.00 and get the high of 531.00 but the bulls not in the fields longer they can because the bear comes in the battle to find out the low of Rs.498.00 Close at the Price of Rs.509.60. Then, on Tuesday the price open at the Rs.511.00 and get the high of Rs.516.00 but bull no longer in fields and bear comes in the battleground to defeat and take the price at low of Rs.504.00 and close the price Rs.505.85. From Wednesday to Friday price open at Rs.506.85 a get the high of Rs.518.25 no longer and fall the low to Rs.475.25 close at Rs.478.25."
Blue star ltd. Candelstick Pattern!
"As you Viewing the Candlesticks Blue-Star Ltd. It seems red with a long Red body! We are telling you the bearish market to gain the profit in this pandemic! The sellers in the position of selling the stocks which they buy and volume get high by high in this bearish market and it's a good sign for the traders who want long trade and make their money much better in this pandemic. There is a reversal sign also the bullish reversal tells it gains profit in the future!"

5. Dynacons System and solutions- (DSSL) is an information technology (IT) company, which provides and to end technology-related services. The Company offerings include a range of enterprises IT and office automation services, such as managed services, Briefing infrastructure services, managed print services, cloud computing.

Its system integration offerings include project management, contact center infrastructure, and network integration. This shows the 52 weeks high of Rs.38.40.

Dynacons System And sollutions High and low!
"As you Viewing the watchlist of DSSL here we see on Monday the Price was open at Rs.17.05 and goes fthe high of Rs.18.60 get the low of the which price is open close at Rs.17.50. On Tuesday the price is open at Rs.18.35 and no high rate this time found the low of Rs.17.70 close at this low price. By viewing these bulls are on the field but it is hard for them to stay on the battlefield by the fear of the bear. From Wednesday to Friday the prices open at Rs.17.50 and get a high of Rs.19.45 and found the low of Rs.17.50 and closes at Rs.18.00. So Seekers, I want to tell you that its prices are low and these types of share are only bought at the high level of volume to gain higher profit."
Dynacons system and solution Candelstick Pattern!
"As we are viewing the Candlestick pattern of Dynacons System and solutions the company patterns are showing that the buyers are active day by day to convert this share prices in the high. As we see the first pattern that shows a bullish candlestick it shows the buyers in the active form to buy at low and want to fulfill their needs by buy at high volume. Then, The previous buyers are active they think what price they want is right now here so they go for sell purpose. Then at next, some buyers get feared and try to sell but they don't know buyers in the position, and buyers buy at the high volume but the fight of buyers and sellers is not over they go on and at the last reversal bull shows his signal."
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