Can Coronavirus Break The Brick Of Financial Planning?

Updated: May 15

Coronavirus Brick Break

As You All Know the whole world is fearing and struggling from the Coronavirus. The Rich Loose there a high amount of Money not in the Business but Investment. It seems that the financial Brick is Break and it is hard to fix that Break.

What the things we know how to fix that brick?

The stock market is just one of many personal finance concerns about the spread of Coronavirus in the World. There are questions of sick leave, school closings, health care deductibles and down the road, what a sustained economic slowdown could mean for Workers.

1. Don't Sell The Shares in which you invest and buy the Shares in which you want:- As you all know by the coming of COVID-19 the Share Market is falling Down. So, Don't Be Panic this time because the time is Right For Buying Of the World Best Companies Share's because right now bear is in its position and it Dominates the bull as it can. Hold your shares that you buy at the Past and make your buying power better that you buy the Best Companies Share.

AS Warren Buffet Say "The Stock Market is a Device for transferring Money from the impatient to the Patient." and at Last, you are still learning.

2. Buy the Gold:- As you all Know the Gold Prices Slip right now and After the Novel Coronavirus the gold slip more but the star of sky's said that who fall suddenly it raises quickly. When the Coronavirus Left the world it gave us the Biggest benefit to those who right now paying attention to gold right now.

3. Emergency Budget:-According to financial coach in Hartford, Vermont, it’s best to make this plan before you need it. It’s so much easier when you don’t look for things to cut under duress. Write it down, so you can pull it out and see the plan you’ve made.

Think of what small luxuries to keep and what you can live without. The more you cut, the longer you can make your savings last.

4. Get Better, Not Best:- If you’re not willing to accept being anything but the best, then you will never gain knowledge and develop the skills that come from learning from others who are better than you. By the best, you can't do the same thing so many times and you still think that learning is not mandatory but as you see in this season where the world is still feared of this Epidemic you still have to learn because right now the economic condition is going worst and you want to make your life better so, you have to invest on you still time and forget we are the best.

"Stay Safe, Stay Home"


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